business process re-engineering and mapping

We have proven skills in business process mapping, including complex customer service, regulatory, governance, and information management processes in a range of domains. We have successfully completed business process re-engineering and mapping projects in domains as diverse as disability services, business information, Aboriginal community initiatives, and land rezoning.

Our approach to business process mapping is highly collaborative, engaging with stakeholders from a range of different settings, geographical locations, and levels of seniority to understand how things work in the real world, not just on paper.  We identify opportunities to streamline current processes without compromising compliance or outcomes and make recommendations grounded in a deep understanding of current practices.

We recognise that business process maps are storytelling and well as analytic tools. They are powerful ways of engaging and communicating with a range of different stakeholders. We scale the detail and complexity of our process maps to fit the needs of each project. We have built complex process maps of regulatory processes based on extensive desktop reviews of legislation and policy documents. We have also built compelling narrative process maps that explain the journeys of Aboriginal community organisations.

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