human resources and change management

We have expertise and experience in strategic human resources management and change management in public sector and non-government organisations.  We understand the complexities of managing for individual capability, organisational capacity, and team culture, and we help our clients to design, transform, change and maintain their organisations and their workforces.  You can learn more about our areas of interest on our resources page.

The rate and scale of change is increasing.  We often hear people talk about change management as a series of activities that can be applied to change people, processes, content, and work environments with minimal disruption, as if managing change always means the same thing.  It doesn’t.  We recognise that changing organisations and behaviours is different every time, in every organisation.  Even in workplaces with many rules and policies, staff members take most of their cues about appropriate behaviour from each other.  ‘Doing change management’ is not enough, and can be judged as cynical and coercive.

Our consulting team has a proven track record of designing and delivering organisational changes, from reforming entire agencies, to refreshing role descriptions for a single team.  Whatever the scale, our change management consulting services will facilitate a smooth and sustainable transition that respects both policy objectives and people, and that complies with appropriate policy and legislative requirements.

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