project management

We specialise in project and program planning and management in public sector settings, including direct project and program management; support and advice, and improving our clients’ project and program management practices.

We specialise in portfolio, program, and project management (P3) models and practices, and we have successfully designed, implemented, reviewed, and improved P3 practices, project management offices and program management offices (PMOs) for a wide range of public sector clients. We give advice and training in best practice methods, and coaching and mentoring for executives and staff working in portfolio, program, and project management roles.

We have helped organisations with established processes to identify and implement strategies to improve their P3 maturity. We have also helped organisations with little to no P3 experience design and implement:

  • processes and systems for planning, monitoring and reporting
  • on projects and programs
  • standards and frameworks for project and program
  • management
  • centres of excellence
  • activist PMOs
  • enterprise PMOs
  • rescue and recovery of high stakes projects and programs.

Our approach to project management in public sector and publicly funded organisations recognises that most people managing projects in these organisations are not professional project managers. With this in mind, we use light touch methods that integrate well with commonly used methodologies and tools to maximise benefits with minimum sufficient effort.

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