strategy development and planning

We specialise in working with public sector and publicly funded organisations and have built an expert team with extensive experience working in and with Australian and State Government Departments and non-government organisations. Our practical knowledge of the unique challenges and demands of the public sector operating and authorising environments make us highly effective partners to support our clients with strategy reviews, evaluation, development and advice.

Our expertise encompasses governance, legislation, managing the authorising environment, authority and accountability, and resource allocation decisions. We have skills in facilitation, consultation, policy research and development, policy review and evaluation, and the interface between policy and delivery. We have demonstrated success with large and small policy reform, both within and as advisers to publicly funded organisations.

We are practical policy thinkers who integrate our implementation experience into all aspects of policy and strategy work. We believe that the best policy solution is one that can be implemented successfully. This belief informs our work with clients to set a long-term vision and map out a plan to realise that vision over time.

We collaborate closely with our clients. By engaging early with accountable executives and key stakeholders, we build a shared understanding of what we will do and why. Our experience as public sector executives and managers, and our well-established networks of professional contacts, help us to work effectively with stakeholders and staff at all levels, from Ministers and Secretaries to frontline staff and clients.

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